Honda Accord headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Honda Accord headlights

Honda Accord is a mid-sized (up to 1989 — compact) car, that has been produced by Honda since 1976. Since the start of sales only in the United States there were sold more than 8 000 000 sedans, hatchbacks, wagons and coupes. Currently it is being produced the ninth generation of the car, one of the most popular in its class and second in popularity among Honda cars.

The first generation debuted in May 1976, the body had three-door hatchback and Honda Accord headlights. In 1977 it started production of the sedan car. Originally this car had a petrol engine volume of 1.6 liters.

In 1978 it initiated the installation of engines in volume 1,8 liters. In 1979 there was designed and installed optional three-speed automatic transmission.

In 1980 (last year of the1st generation) there were released a million cars of Honda Accord. The ninth generation of the car was presented at the 2012 North American international auto show in Detroit.

Headlights, flashlights, turning lights – are the whole "kitchen" that is not fastidious in the care, but you need to know some things.

Honda Accord LED headlights, Halo Projector Black.

Accord LED headlights

"The driver gets used that his aspect of relationship with the car – is driving on the highway. It is funny that we forget to check the engine oil and clean the headlights and windows before leaving at night. When you are usual driver, you have to be a pilot and crew. Or you'll have to hire these people, "- Emil Andres, American race driver.

Honda Accord HID headlights, Xenon HID Halo Projector Black.

Accord HID headlights

You need to wipe (wash) HID headlights and auto optics more often than the whole vehicle. Dust, insects, drops of oil and a lot more stick to glass of headlights and reduce the quality of light. You must be careful choosing the means to care for the headlights. Here, as in question with wiper, it is important not to put micro-scratches on glass. For example, if you have the wipers on the headlights, keep in mind that it is better to than wash the dirt than to scratch the surface of headlights.

Car lights have become an indispensable element of any vehicle, and changing the shape of the headlights, manufacturers can completely change the look of your car. The list of mandatory car headlights include headlights, direction indicators, fog lights, brake lights, reverse movement lights, which often have the usual form. But because of growing popularity of modified cars, more and more companies offer updated shapes and designs. Various styles, different methods produce different effects and a wide price range.

But remember about the standards, because the standard rules and laws determine the use of automobile components of lighting, the distance between them, the range, the installation location and the color, and in addition, the power of headlights can't exceed 55-60 watts.

Power indicator, in accordance with national standards vary from country to country: in Japan, the indicator of LED headlights H4, European cars - H1, H7, in US - HB3, HB4, HB5. So, when you choose lamps for replacement, pay attention to this landmark. Sometimes different brands may have the same designation parameters, but because of use of different materials and gases with electric power generation, various light effects are achieved.

Established lamps Honda Accord 7:

  • Headlamps - HB3 60W.
  • Dipped headlights - HB4 55W (halogen) or 35 W HID (Xenon).
  • Fog lights - 55 watts.
  • Front and back direction indicators - 21 watts.
  • Front parking lights - 5W.
  • Stop and back parking lights - 21/5 watts.
  • Additional brake light - 21 watts.
  • Reversing lamp - 21 Watts.
  • Number illumination - 5W.
  • Repeater indicators - LEDs.