Honda Civic headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Honda Civic headlights

Today Honda Civic is one of the most dynamic sedans of its class.

The car is equipped with powerful atmospheric engine volume of 1.8 liters with 142 HP/ 174 N. m. Clear, sporty lines and wide wheel base to reflect its sporty character. Civic combines agility with low fuel consumption, excellent handling, a high level of comfort and modern technology. Every detail of Civic sedan is carefully designed to provide the perfect combination of elegance and of driving pleasure.

The interior of Civic sedan is not inferior in elegance. There are material upholstery (in the maximum configuration – leather), new silver finish, tinting glass, the appropriateness of every detail – everything is of high quality and reliability. There is also the high-tech equipment in the cabin. For example, information display of the new generation i-MID, located conveniently and safely – right at eye level to the driver to easily monitor the operation of the vehicle systems, to view the picture of rear-view camera, adjust the display to your liking and Honda Civic headlights. Civic sedan is equipped with SOHC i-VTEC 1.8 liters, which optimizes the fuel consumption and gives bright emotions from driving.

The car was originally conceived as a universal vehicle, which is insensitive to changes of weather, time of day and so on.

That is why the very first vehicles had primitive lights, which were acetylene torch with reflectors - such devices allowed to dispel a little the darkness in front of the car and make it clearly visible. However, soon gas lights gave way to more efficient and economical electric headlamps, which are used today. There are differences between the lights for cars - and they are not only in their design. Although the source of energy to produce a light is electricity, headlight structure can fundamentally differ. It is not surprise, that a technology is developing continuously and today's light sources many times better than those that were installed on cars 30-40 years ago. However, the time-tested technologies are still in service, although they are gradually being upgraded.

Honda Civic HID headlights, Halo Projector Black BLK Headlight.

Civic hid headlights

The first HID headlights were traditional incandescent bulbs, which can be found in many homes now. However, in contrast to domestic use, they faced the increased loads which determined their short life.

Xenon headlights for Honda Civic.

Xenon headlamps have received very big widespread thanks to their bright blue light, making a night driving safer. In addition, the operation term of xenon headlights reaches 2-3 thousand hours. The disadvantage is a huge price, because of necessity of the acquisition of electronic controllers, ignition units, and other devices.

Honda Civic LED headlights, LED Projector Halo FD1 FD2 Smoke.

Civic led headlights

The rapid development of superconductor technologies and the emergence of compact electronics have allowed creating the lights on bright LEDs. There are many advantages of LED lights - the main ones include: Compact sizes of illumination source, the ability to make any form of unit; extended up to 10-15 thousand hours of service - it is possible that you never have to change the headlights; reduced heat dissipation; minimum load on the electrical system of the car. In addition, the brightness of LED devices can be easily adjusted by changing the power and amount of light sources - as a result they can be made even more efficient than xenon analogues.

Choosing the lights for Honda Civic, firstly focus on the use of car in any circumstances. Undoubtedly, beautiful xenon headlights with high color temperature will be a real decoration of your vehicle, but they will not allow you to move normally on the roads in bad weather. Also pay attention to whether your lights disturb others or not.