Honda Odyssey headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Honda Odyssey headlights

Honda Odyssey — front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive minivan (MPV by the Japanese classification) with 3 rows of seats with 6-7 places. It was produced by Honda. Starting with the second generation it is available in two different versions for North American and Asian markets. This article currently contains information about the Asian version of the car.

The last-generation has got a duplex dashboard, Honda Odyssey headlights, measuring instruments are equipped with a 3D backlight, the control of various systems (audio, navigation, climate control) is intuitive, the front seats are made of a unique moisture-proof material, and adjustment of the steering wheel can be performed in two directions.

Honda Odyssey LED headlights, 2X H11 H8 H9 Philips LED Headlight Kit Low Beam Bulbs Lamp 6500K 160W 16000LM.

Odyssey LED headlights

The cabin of Honda Odyssey can accommodate up to 7 people (total height of the car is 1 545 mm). Having changed the body structure under the second row of seats it was able to extract an additional 40 mm for the legs and 20 mm for the knees of the passengers of the third row. The side seats of second and third rows are shifted to the center — so all passengers can look ahead without interference.

Auto parts of group "Fog lights" for the Honda Odyssey - is one of the important components of your vehicle. So you need to change immediately the worn parts of category "Fog lights". The best option is - to buy the necessary auto parts from professionals.

About origin of spare parts. For popular models such as the car Honda Odyssey, there is a variety of spare parts. Everything is clearly with them - they carry the brand Honda. But how to choose among the other spare parts? The question is not such simple as it seems to be. Because the details of the product line "Fog lights" for the car Honda Odyssey are offered at very different prices, and apparently without any reasons. Meanwhile, there is a reason and it is very essential: the quality of parts.

Useful qualities of fog lamps include the use on narrow roads with many turns. In models where the lights turn following the wheel, the side light of fog lights helps to orient with sudden appearance of animal or unwary pedestrian. Nevertheless, fog lamps – are very necessary thing. Fog lights can be set as normally, from the manufacturer's plant, and universally, so, by the driver.

Honda Odyssey HID headlights, RB1 RB2 Absolute HID Xenon Lights Lamp OEM.

Odyssey hid headlights

Today, regardless of this, PTF is equipped with such lamps:

  • Halogen lamps that give yellow or deep yellow light, a color temperature of 3200 Kelvin. Gas-filled lamps IPF, Yellow model, which give intense yellow light with a color temperature of 2400 K.
  • Xenon bulbs, which provide the issuance of a warm white light with color in 4300 K.

People considered for a very long time that the fog lamps are required to be only yellow saturated light. Now, the situation has changed since the cars with white fog LED headlights on the basis of xenon lamps are produced. Let's try to understand, why is it so important to use the yellow fog lights?

Today, people use white fog lamps in warm tones, for example, with temperature of 4300 K, however, you should take into account:

  • If you put PTF with white light in the main optics - they will not break through the mist and be crystallized from water droplets.
  • Be sure to install these lights below the main optics, closer to the road, which will allow the light to fall into the gap between the fog and road.
  • Since the light beam is correctly directed at the roadway, you will not face any blindness from moisture droplets, scatter of light.
  • White light of fog HID headlights can be used, but you must put such equipment on the vehicle properly.