Honda Pilot headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Honda Pilot headlights

A new generation of crossover Honda Pilot is created in three trim levels: Lifestyle, Executive and Premium. According to the press service of the Japanese brand, the car is offered with a number of options that were unavailable on the previous generation of the crossover. We speak also about the remote start system.

A modification of the basic model is equipped with all-wheel drive iVTM-4, intelligent system to start and stop the engine and Honda Pilot headlights. The car received electric and heated mirrors, and heated front seats. Among other features: light sensor level of washer fluid, rear view camera, cruise and the ability to connect your phone via Bluetooth.

The driver is available with stability, the function of aid during the ascent, adaptive electric power steering system, the control system of tire pressure and the trailer stabilization system. The crossover is also equipped with multi-information display, audio system with seven speakers and the USB connector for connection to an external device.

Honda Pilot – is a Japanese business-class utility vehicle, which does not have factory xenon. Japanese engineers have considered it unnecessary to install this option, even in the richest construction, despite the fact that the car is worth a lot of money.

The only way to improve the lighting performance of headlamps Honda - is a setting of bi-xenon modules Hella on the Honda Pilot.

Like many other brands of Japanese cars, Honda uses the services of the company Koito, which produce headlamps for the Honda Pilot. Lights have traditionally separated sections of low and high beam, with caps of lamps HB3 HB4. Despite the good quality of manufacturing the headlamps, a light beam is satisfactory and many owners complain about the lack of visibility at night on dark road, even taking into account the fact that the lights are clean.

Thus, the section of low beam, where we set bi-module Hella. The reflector has a circular shape that is well in terms of transformation and subsequent refining procedures with blend. You can choose the blend of different diameters and outer shapes.

Honda Pilot HID headlights, Halo Projector HID Kit Xenon Headlight.

Pilot hid headlights

Installation of ignition unit Hella 3 stipulated by the fact that the light does not have a flat surface for mounting the unit on the HID headlights housing, so the use of blocks Hella 3 is technologically more correct and secure. Ignition blocks Hella 3 for Honda Pilot work with xenon lamps Phillips d2s.

Honda Pilot LED headlights, 60W H8 H9 H11 6000K LED Headlight 12v.

Pilot hid headlights

In consequence of alteration and installation of bi-xenon modules Honda Pilot you get:

  • Improvement of the quality of light, comfortable driving speed is also increasing;
  • Increased safety in the dark due to light not only a line, but also the entire roadway and roadsides and exits from road, pedestrians and animals are more visible;
  • The car has 4 beams (2 xenon and 2 halogen beams).

If you're wondering what extra LED headlights to put in the car, you must first decide with their appointment. The best option for the daytime running lights, allowing to refuse the inclusion of dimensions and low beam is diode light sources. They consume little power, and have a high brightness, making the car noticeable at a distance of over a kilometer.

As the spotlights for off-road, xenon lights will be suitable, they can be installed on the roof or line of the security, located in front of the hood. You should choose lighting of maximum brightness because it will allow you to see all obstacles in front of the car.